Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy day!

Yesterday Jo took the girls (and Sam) over to Wellingtn for the Stage Challenge.  We should find out how they did today.... but I am sure they did great- the performance for the school was terrific!  The kids will be exhausted today after a really long day yesterday, but some are valiantly coming to school.

Today the Circus Challenge is coming to Kuranui, and the Drama Classes from Solway are joining us for good times and juggling balls.  Photos will totally follow.

Then at lunch, there shall be another concert in the auditorium.  The last one for the month of May, NZ Music Month.  I am hoping to hear the premier of "Primal"- the new song by Artificial Sun.... and Jamie Robertson-Bennett's band performing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Year 9 Evolution of Dance

Well, the Year 9 Dance class have been making great progress this year. Catch their "Evolution of Dance" performances here, and on YouTube. Miss Pratt has done such a fantastic job with the kids, and balancing all that and the Stage Challenge! Amazing. She deserves a medal, that's for sure.

Stage Challenge is this Thursday, so be ready to be impressed.

They are performing in Assembly tomorrow, along with our group heading to the National Shakespeare in Schools Festival over the long weekend. I am really proud of all the students involved in both epic undertakings. Well done people, well done!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Zealand Music Month

This month we have been celebrating NZ Music with Friday concerts in the Auditorium.  We have had the great honour of hearing the likes of the Year 9 Music class performing the theme to "Once were Warriors" and other students on the piano, vocals and original compositions.

The Ukulele Orchestra has been a big hit (especially with the Year 9 Drama class who adore screaming like fans) - performing 3 songs in total now, including this years' hit (for the group) "Hey Soul Sister".

Artificial Sun are the major drawcard however, with the musical stylings of those talented boys.  Try to catch next Friday's concert at lunch if you have missed the first 2.  They are a blast!

Year 9 Music in full flight during their lunchtime performance!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Phew! Busy term!

With a REALLY busy term 1, we have hardly had time to update the blog.

The dancers are going hard for stage challenge, and it is looking fantastic.  Zemira and Sam have both been putting in so much effort, it's crazy!

Shakespeare was a HOOT!  Seriously awesome result.  We were highly entertaining in the 15 minute scene doing "MacBeth" and had great reviews.  Well done all, especially Daniel, Christina and Darren who kept the idea tied together by being great photographers.

Waimarama Phillips and Katie James were stand out performers as well, being selected to represent the region at Nationals.  Soon I will be jetting off with the lovely ladies, and their talented musicians, Barney Johnson, Louis Gray and Dominic Hawke (who wrote an original composition for the scene from Romeo and Juliet).

Now term 2 is underway.  Stage Challenge looms.  Rockquest looms.  And Shakespeare looms further.  Watch this space! 

Images below:  Top:  Daniel, Christina and Darren in "MacBeth" with the ensemble cast
Centre:  Wai and Katie, rehearsing with Barns and Lou for "Romeo and Juliet"
Bottom:  Ms Pratt teaching different lifts to Zemira and Sam for Stage Challenge.