Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Wizard of Oz

With rehearsals well underway and set in construction, now we can share a few images of what things are happening....

Okay, so it is people on stage..... and a bare stage at that! 

But they are pretty people...

The show will be performing week 1 of next term, so watch this space!
Waimarama as the Good Witch gives good news to Dom, the Tinman
Alena-Rose as Dorothy clicks her heals together and leaves Oz.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yr 9 Drama 'First line, last line'

The new rotation of the junior Arts options is underway. The year 9 groups are once again proving their astounding talent and work ethic to the utter joy of their teachers. Here is the Year 9 Drama class, with their elected "winner" of the 'First line, last line' game. The aim of the game was to compose a scene where the first line was "What's that, over there" and the last line was, "Phew, that was close".

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artificial Sun - Sunrise (live studio demo)

rOur favourite rock band recently went out to Warren Maxwell's recording studio and recorded 3 demo tracks for the Rockquest judges. They will then submit a DVD of themselves with the aim of being selected for National finals. Here is their first YouTube experience..... fantastical. Enjoy. And best of luck boys.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Entertaining the Little Tykes

Today we had the opportunity to entertain the children involved in the Martinborough Library's School Holiday Programme.  I am so fortunate to have talented students who are willing to give up their time freely on a Saturday to entertain the kids.

We played some theatresports games, all based on fairy stories for the children.  They chose Little Red Riding Hood to see in the game "Sit, stand, kneel, lie", Cinderella in "Survivor", a "Hands Interview" with Shrek, and a very speedy Snow White and the 2 Dwalves in "60, 30, 15, 7".  They also giggled at slo motion cleaning up bedrooms.

Highlights of the round included the giggles with 2 boys dancing together, people being knocked over, and an impromptu round of "Happy Birthday" to Darren when he arrived.

Then we brought out the circus equipment, did a quick demo.... and showed the kiddies Dan Carlisle juggling knives!  It was wonderful to see the girls teaching kids how to spin plates on a stick, and the boys teaching kids how to juggle.  They were totally wonderful and patient with the kids, which was a privilege to see.

We were given a wonderful thanks from the Librarian, and headed off to our traditional hot chocolates at the Village Cafe.... with pizza.  Thanks so much for all your help, it would be impossible to accept such opportunities without students who were so generous with their time and skills.

The crew today were Dan Carlisle, Daniel Cameron, Moana Brathwaite, Camille Healy, Alena-Rose Burt, James Owens and Darren Dingle.

Dan, Daniel, James and Camille doing "Sit, stand, kneel, lie"- the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Darren elicits giggles from the kids with some random leg flailing.

The girls teaching the kids how to spin plates.

Dan Carlisle's Juggling group

Our performing group (sans Darren who had to go) and some of the kids from the programme.

Some winning images

So, previous articles did miss these photos.  Due to the flu season, it has been so gosh darn difficult to get everyone at school...... not to mention with all the success, so people have been in the studio!

3 of the boys from "Sammy 'the wonderhorse' Dodges", who won the intercoll theatresports last week.  From the left:  James Owens, Barney Johnson and Dominic Hawke.  Absent:  Daniel Cameron and Louis Gray.

Barney Johnson, named "Best Musician" at the Regional Rockquest competition with his epic snare drum.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Artificial Sun: The Demo

So, the rockband has done so well this year... and tomorrow they are off into a recording session with Warren Maxwell of Fat Freddies Drop. They will be making their video of themselves.... this will be the last step to getting selected for Nationals in Hamilton. I hope they have a total blast and rock out. They have worked hard and deserve this totally awesome break.

Have a great day blokes!

Barney, Tom and Jack in rehearsal.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Alphabet Soup" Sit, stand, kneel, lie

First time theatresporters "Alphabet Soup" perform "Sit, stand, kneel, lie" in competition. Starring Waimarama Phillips, Lexie Fleming, Jamie MacPherson and Zemira Hayvice in the intercolls at Harlequin Theatre in Masterton.

Junior Show Offs 2010 Cirque Routine

This is the routine put together by some of the junior Drama classes, under the supervision of Ms Heming and Dan Carlisle. Enjoy. Music from the Glee soundtrack.