Monday, July 25, 2011

Script Frenzy 2011

This year we were thrilled to be able to participate in Script Frenzy.  Script Frenzy is a challenge run through the Office of Letters and Light in Berkley, California.  We signed up to write a 100 page script in 30 days.  All in all, we did good.  15 people met their overall goal, with 50 others not far behind.

We even got featured on the Office of Letters and Light blog!

Read the article here:
Office of Letters and Light Blog

You can find out more about Script Frenzy here:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Circus Challenge

Oddly enough, the Circus Challenge team LOVE coming in to Kuranui.  This year we had a blast with the boys, working on contact juggling, regular juggling, diabolo and plates.  We even had the chance to teach them a few of our cool tricks!

Toyah and Zoe working with the Diabolo Instructor

Zoe plate spinning

Contact Juggling Workshop

Murphy learning Diabolo

Nicky Carlisle learning to juggle Knives

Zoe working with Devil Sticks

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Junior Arts Classes

With the Junior Arts classes due to finish their current rotation, it seems timely to update the blog with a Junior Show Off's update.

The Year 9 Dancers were really awesome, getting down with Justin Beiber.  The Year 10's danced and even did a cheerleading routine which was new.  Ms de Croy has made her mark in the Dance department, and we are glad to have her.  In other news, Ms Pratt came in the other day and is looking totally amazing, and Eloise is incredibly cute.

The Year 9 Drama class performed their Circus routines, which were clever and highly skilled.  Brad Dingle and Joe Garratt were stars with their comic routine with juggling and a unicycle.  Mereana Hunt and Hannah Dare were the stand-outs with their plate spinning routine which had everyone amazed.  And Murphy Cater and Rama Tapp have come such a long way with their diabolo work this term.  I was proud of each of them.

The Musicians never fail to amaze.  This year the junior band played 2 of their original songs, which were phenomenal.  Marlon Moala Knox was a surprise stand-out on piano accordion.  And seeing the students who have just learnt to play an instrument get up and perform is heart-warming to see.

It was a great night all round.  We have a stack of multi-talented students in our junior school.

Junior Musicians in rehearsal

Toyah Churton prepares to go on stage

Clowning 2011

Clowning has become such an integral part of the Drama curriculum, and always a highlight of the tour calendar.  This year we took 25 clowns down to Greytown Primary School to perform their assessment routines.  The clowns were nervous, but did a terrific job, and the kids loved each and every one of them.
Alessandra Giorgioni

Lexie White

Katelyn, Alysha and Lesley

Most of the cast

Dan Carlisle and Oliver Healy

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stage Challenge 2011

This year Charlotte Taylor and Jamie Howatzon ran Stage Challenge, with Katie James.  They devised the concept, choreography and ran rehearsals.  It was a MAMMOTH task to undertake, but they did fantastically well.  The interpretation was around good parenting told through the story of "Where the Wild Things Are".  We picked up 6 awards, including the best use of Drama and the Stage Challenge Spirit Award.

The cast and crew of 92 were amazing, both in rehearsal and on the day of performance.

Thanks also to the South Wairarapa Arts Council and South Wairarapa Rotary Club for their generous donations to our stage challenge performance.

Ilse Botha as Max in the Forest

Charlotte Taylor as Max with Katie James as the mother
Photo's courtesy of Renee Cheesman

Intercolliegiate Shakespeare Competition

This year we entered "Othello" in the 15 minute scene competition at the Wairarapa Shakespeare in Schools Festival.

Our take was to look at the invasion of Galipoli, and to compare Othello's demise with that of soldiers suffering from shell shock.  Othello was a leader of the ANZAC's, and Desdemona, a Red Cross Nurse.  We had a cast of 54, which was wonderful, including live trumpet.

The cast worked really well together, and put on a brilliant performance.  Though we did not win, neither did Darren Dingle and Lexie Fleming with their "Apprentice: King Lear" 5 minute scene, though both scenes were well recieved and well rehearsed.  Katie James, our Desdemona was honoured with the performance of the night, and was nominated to go to the National Shakespeare Production Week in October.  She now has a chance of travelling to London to perform at the Globe!

Well done Katie, and well done the rest of Othello cast!

Some of the cast of "Othello" getting their pose on.

Katie James, off to the National Shakespeare Production Week

Desdemona worries about Othello at war (Photo credit: C Hyde)

Daniel Cameron (Iago) and Arjun Pathmanathan (Othello) (Photo Credit C Hyde)

The plans of war (Photo credit C Hyde)

Darren Dingle's Donald Trump with Cordelia from King Lear (Photo credit C Hyde)

Long time, no update!

It seems like just yesterday that we updated the blog.... however, it was MONTHS ago!


Term 2 has been a whirlwind of successes and brilliant moments.  We will endeavour to update the blog with the latest and greatest.... or at least, fill in the gaps from the last few months.