Wednesday, March 28, 2012

And here we go again....

Phew!  With another term rolling around to the close, an update seems LONG overdue!

It has just been CRAZY.

Chaedyn Dukes and Zoe Renor performing a scene from "Romeo and Juliet"

Drama have completed their first assessment performances, just last week.  All senior Drama students participated in a performance evening, performing their student directed Shakespearean scenes.  It was magical.  We saw boys eating pies, girls dancing as fairies, girls with swords, boys with swords, girls in love, boys in love, a teenage runaway and an army soldier carrying firewood.  Nothing less than you'd expect.

Next week the Dance and Drama seniors will have a performance evening, which will be amazing I am sure.

Stage Challenge is up and running again.  Ariane and Kieran and doing so well with the choreography and rehearsals.  Mr Ryan is fundraising the required $5,000 to get our show on the road.  Oliver has the set well underway.  Ms de Croy has kept up with all the paperwork and online forms.... and I have flapped about the place mumbling things to myself.  All in all, a team effort?

The Visual Artists are excited as the first official looking drawings of the new Art Suite are up and about.  All majorly interesting.  We will have 2 new Art rooms and 2 digital spaces.  And all this will be near the Performing Arts department!  Finally we will all be together.

Ms Beecroft has been working with the Yr 9 Drama class on poi this year, and their skills are through the roof.  Tomorrow she will demonstrate fire-poi which is very exciting.

But, for now, it is time to log out and hopefully log back in soon for a proper update on all these things.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Winters' Tale

This year has been a fantastic year for Shakespeare!  We have been working on our Shakespeare production of King Lear for the competition, and all Drama students from Year 10 upwards have been working on a student directed scene.

The Bard is the Word- that is for sure.

Recently we travelled to Wellington to see the Propeller performance of "The Winters' Tale".  The cast was all male, so it was more like Shakespeare as his audiences would have seen it.  While some of the students couldn't follow the difficult storyline, but the acting and technical effects made it all easy to understand.

We had a great time, but unfortunately had to cancel our viewing of "Troillus and Cressida" due to weather.