Sunday, November 21, 2010

2011 is fast approaching!

So much is happening already for the New Year.  It's Crazy!  Here are some dates you all need to be putting aside for the activities we have planned at the moment.  Given the rate the school calendar is filling up, 2011 looks like it will be a cracker.  Charlotte and Katie will have their work cut out for them.

Thurs 2 Dec - Yr 9 Performing Arts Show-&-Tell
(Period 3 in the Auditorium or Student Centre)

Feb 17-20 - National Juggling Champs and Convention
Senior Drama students competing, performing, camping and learning Circus Arts and Juggling skills in Levin

21 March - "An Evening with the Bard"
Kuranui College Student Directed Shakespeare scenes competing to represent us at the Regionals.  Showcase of the 15 minute scene.  Start at 7:00pm in the auditorium.  Entry by invitation and donation.

12 April - Intercollegiate Shakespeare in Schools Regional Competition
Our 15 minute scene and 5 minute student directed scenes will compete against the rest of the colleges in the Wairarapa for the chance to represent at Nationals.  At Wairarapa College.  7:00pm start.  Tickets $3 for students, $6 for adults.

14 July - "Mana" performing in the College Auditorium.  9:00-10:30.  Professional actor/dancer/musician showcasing an ancestral journey around the Pacific to NZ.  Tickets $5.  All Drama, Dance, Arts, Music and Te Reo students invited to attend.

August 8-12 - Intercollegiate Theatresports Festival
All the teams will compete to retain the trophy!  7:00pm start each night.  Tickets available at the door.  Harlequin Theatre, Dixon Street, Masterton.  Draw to be advised.

In other news, the College Website has been recently re-furbished thanks to Mr. Buckham.  If you have not seen the Arts section, follow the link below and see what you think. 

Arts and Languages on the Kuranui College Website

Friday, November 19, 2010

NZ Juggling Convention and Championships 2011

Well, it is official.

We are going!


Personally, I am excited.

The National Juggling Champs and Convention in 2011 is being held in Levin.  The event goes from February 17-20.  We are going along to be involved in performing, learning, teaching and watching.  This is going to be EPIC!  On the Thursday we will teach small children, on the Saturday we will teach the rank amateurs coming along to the event.  We will be taking part in workshops, showcases and in general helping out around the venue.

We will be camping at the Levin A&P Showgrounds.

So a couple of things people- you will need tents.  And, we are only taking about 20 people.  Seniors are the first choice because they can already juggle, diabolo, spin plates and hoop.  This is a public venue, with other people camping as well, so perfect behaviour is expected.

The whole 4 days should be amazing.  This is a major opportunity for us to showcase our skills, as well as helping out the NZ Juggling Association.  This will be our Kuranui in the Community project.

There will be a cost attached to the camp, so start putting your pennies away.  And there will be a contract.  And there will be heaping helpings of fun. 

Follow the convention on Facebook for more details over the holidays.

NZ Juggling Convention 2011

And if you want your own juggling supplies, head over to Fling Juggling, supporter of us and the convention.  Their gear is really good quality, and they are always happy to lend a hand.

Fling Juggling Website

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Booked for 2011 - Mana: The Spirit of Polynesia

2011 is already shaping up to be a big year in the Arts department.  Booked today, we have a show coming to Kuranui on Thursday July 14.  Basically the show is going to be a totally awesome story combining dance and drama, outlining the journey of identity.  Year 13 students should be thinking.... hmmmm..... that sounds like something we may do in class this coming year......

Either way, all Dancers, Actors, Te Reo Students and anyone else who is mad keen for it, can go and see it.  I'm already keen as.  The price will be $5 each, and the show will be an hour, followed by some question time.  Expect to miss 1 and 1/2 class periods.

Talking to Aurora today on the phone was great, and the show sounds totally amazing!

Here is what the website has to say about it. 

"Travelling through Polynesian cultures including Native American Indian, New Zealand Maori, Hawaiian and Samoan, Bernard discovers with each the idea of family, challenges and pride.

Mana The Spirit of Polynesia embodies dance, music, multicultural themes, history, geography, the importance of learning about heritage and the power of self belief and respect.

MANA is the inner strength and confidence that comes from a sense of identity. Bernard Mangakahia inspires everyone to discover their own MANA.

Bernard is very popular as an Artist in Residence, where he can come to your school for a few days or a week and work with the students towards a concert of amazing dances and songs."

Pop over and have a wee looksie for yourself:
Nexus Arts Australia

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clowning 2010

As has become the custom, the first day the seniors have study leave off, the Drama students are back in class working on their Clowning routines.

Seeing as the whole assessment for Clowning is massive on a time scale- getting costumes and make up on a class full of clowns is tough, it makes sense to use a whole day for the assessment, performance, and traditional "fish 'n' chip" lunch.

So we gathered, rehearsed, dressed, made-up, and got down to Greytown Primary School, ate, and then performed.  Charlotte and Katie came down and hosted the event for us.

The clowns were amazing.

We have to thank Daniel Cameron and Adam Lesslie for coming down and joining us again, Mr Buckham for minding my junior classes, Mr Ryan for driving the van, and Ms. Beecroft and Mr. Thompson for building the magic box. 

This was by far our best clown performance yet, and the little kiddies went wild for it.

Cultural Leaders 2011

With the new year fast approaching, we had the privilege of interviewing 6 brilliant candidates for the position of Cultural Leaders 2011.

As announced at the Senior Graduation and Prizegiving, the Cultural Leaders for 2011 are Katie James and Charlotte Taylor.

Katie is a dancer with many years experience in Stage Challenge and Dance NZ Made.  In 2010, she also took part in Drama, performing in "Romeo and Juliet", "MacBeth", "The Wizard of Oz" and the theatresports competition.  Katie was selected to represent the region at the National Shakespeare Festival in Wellington.

Charlotte is also a dancer, picking up excellence awards left, right and centre.  She has been a strong supporter of Stage Challenge and Dance NZ made since its inception.  She is also an artist, more recently focussing on Photography. 

Both girls will no doubt do an amazing job next year, and it is wonderful to have leaders with multiple strings to their bow.

Charlotte and Katie

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - the helpers

The boys who do anything for Drama.  Daniel and Salvatore.