Friday, February 12, 2010

NZ Festival of the Arts

The NZ Festival of the Arts is about to kick off.  As well as our students heading west to see some fantastic shows and meet some wonderful authors, we are priviledged to host, "Echoa"- a French Dance troop.

We have a MAGNIFICENT discount for Kuranui Students.  $12 a head- and I would recommend as many people as possible get to see it.  Performing at Kuranui on the 1st of March, the school performance is at 1pm.  This means leaving class before the end of period 4 and missing a bit of lunch. 

This is what the Arts Festival has to say about 'Echoa':

"Drums of all descriptions are cleverly organised on scaffolding so that seven distinctly different dance scenes can unfold below. With incredible exuberance the movement and rhythm become flawlessly intertwined as the artists explore the questions: How does a percussionist dance? How does the body of a dancer sound?

Echoa is an unexpected dance experience in which we also see the dance with our ears. Sometimes as gentle as a whisper or as noisy as a carnival, it never lacks in spirit or fantasy. A truly delightful attack on the senses - a show for music and dance lovers of all ages.

Written by: Thomas Guerry and Camille Rocailleux
Sound direction: Olivier Pfeiffer
Lighting director: Laurent Bazire"

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