Saturday, July 17, 2010

The last few weeks of Term 2.

So, it has been a long time since the last post.  Whoops.  Things have been THAT busy.

With Stage Challenge over, and well done again girls, and Shakespeare finally over, we have launched into the major Musical Production of the year.  We are doing "The Wizard of Oz" and the cast look amazing at this point.  The auditions were fraught with difficulty as I stupidly broke my ankle a week before the auditions.... but through the magic of technology, they happened in style.  Typical for the school we had auditions from people who knew they would be overseas (Catharina Wickman), have already graduated (Hugh Philip) and did not even go to the school (Owen Winter).... so all was entertaining to say the least.

Well done Alena-Rose Burt who has been cast as Dorothy, Barney Johnson as the Scarecrow, Dominic Hawke as the Tinman and Arjun Pathmanathan as the Cowardly Lion.  Other key roles went to Darren Dingle, Louis Gray, Kendall Charles, Ilse Botha, Waimarama Phillips and Katie James.  It is a very strong cast, and I am looking forward to working with them.  The show will be performed in 9 short weeks over 5 key performances.  It will be amazing.

However first we have theatresports in 3 weeks time.  This is the hotly contested event of August, pitting our comedy and improvisation skills against the best Wai Coll, Rathkeale, Solway, St Matts and Chanel have to offer.  We look forward to seeing what will happen.

Since the last update we had the privilege of holding a Drama workshop with Hollywood legend, and ex-pupil, Vincent Ward.  Vince came in and spoke about a life/career in Drama, and the need to be more than just an actor.  He was brilliant, and we all developed a little crush on him.  Thanks Vince for being so gracious with your time, intelligence, wisdom and experience.  He had great stories, fun activities and more than one way of entertaining a crowd.

 Vince Ward working with selected Drama students.

And we also were invited to entertain the Lions Club of the Greytown with theatresports... it was a fun night and the first time for the group to perform for an audience.  It was nerve wracking, but good fun.  Highlights of the night involve Darren Dingle skipping, Arjun grooming a llama, and Kaden Saywell not knowing Paul Henry's name!

And we hosted the Melbourne Circus at school, learning new skills in juggling, diabolo, plate spinning, devil sticking, and problem solving. It was a fun day, and a great opportunity.
The chaos of circus in the auditorium

And we spent 2 days on tour with the College Roadshow.  6 performances over 2 days was a big ask, but the performers did magnificently.  Thanks sooooo much to Ms Webster, Mrs Phillips, and Ms Pratt for all of their hard work, and the magnificent performers who were stunning over the 2 days.  Dance, Music, Drama, Art and Photography put out a good show, and really proved how talented they all are.

The Roadshow Crew

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