Sunday, July 10, 2011

Intercolliegiate Shakespeare Competition

This year we entered "Othello" in the 15 minute scene competition at the Wairarapa Shakespeare in Schools Festival.

Our take was to look at the invasion of Galipoli, and to compare Othello's demise with that of soldiers suffering from shell shock.  Othello was a leader of the ANZAC's, and Desdemona, a Red Cross Nurse.  We had a cast of 54, which was wonderful, including live trumpet.

The cast worked really well together, and put on a brilliant performance.  Though we did not win, neither did Darren Dingle and Lexie Fleming with their "Apprentice: King Lear" 5 minute scene, though both scenes were well recieved and well rehearsed.  Katie James, our Desdemona was honoured with the performance of the night, and was nominated to go to the National Shakespeare Production Week in October.  She now has a chance of travelling to London to perform at the Globe!

Well done Katie, and well done the rest of Othello cast!

Some of the cast of "Othello" getting their pose on.

Katie James, off to the National Shakespeare Production Week

Desdemona worries about Othello at war (Photo credit: C Hyde)

Daniel Cameron (Iago) and Arjun Pathmanathan (Othello) (Photo Credit C Hyde)

The plans of war (Photo credit C Hyde)

Darren Dingle's Donald Trump with Cordelia from King Lear (Photo credit C Hyde)

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