Monday, September 5, 2011

Wearable Arts 2011

We were thrilled when Mr. Thompson said he was organising the 2011 Intercollegiate Wearable Arts awards.  Even more thrilled to find that we were hosting the event at Kuranui College.

Mr. Thompson, Ms. Price and Ms. Beecroft worked tirelessly with Art students to create the Wearable Arts for display.  And we were not short of talent! 

Mr. Thompson saw the event as a chance to showcase the whole of the Arts.  Ms. Webster was cheif D.J. and Maestro, Ms. de Croy supplied and danced on stage, and the Circus troupe from Drama had another opportunity to shine.  Oliver Healy and the set crew boys constructed the stage and a series of picture frames that the dancers and performers did their routines in and behind.

Some of our talented students took out major awards, including Renee Cheesman, Marcus Patena, Eilish Hogan and Isabelle Brown.  Jess Swan took out an X-Factor prize for her overall look.  Several students included prizes for the way they moved on stage in the Artworks.

Ariane, Ms. de Croy and Jashanna preparing to dance onstage

Some of the creations preparing to walk the catwalk

Chaedyn Dukes modeling Jess Swan's "White Rabbit"

Travis Brown on stage

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