Monday, November 7, 2011

The Cultural Awards 2011

Last Thursday night was the culmination of another fine year of the Arts at Kuranui College.  We hosted the 21st Annual Arts and Cultural Awards ceremony.  As has become the custom, school uniforms were replaced with the glitz and glam of Hollywood for a night.

Charlotte and Katie did a spectacular job setting up the auditorium and creating the atmosphere.  As hosts, they were amazing as well.  Adam was an excellent assistant in setting the stages and Oliver did a wonderful job on the sound and lighting.

While we gave many awards for outstanding commitment and service within the Arts, and for Academic Excellence, 4 awards are the highlight of the year- the greatest contribution to Art, Music, Dance and Drama.

This year our major award winners were:
Renee Cheesman for Visual Art - particularly with respect to her Photography
Jamie Howatson for Dance - choreographing 2 competition pieces this year with large casts.
Katie James for Drama - for exceptional skill and national representation
Alexandra Fleming for Drama - for service, performing, inspiring and all round participation and
Marlon Moala Knox for Music - Piano Accordian Extraordinaire.

Marlon is quite the find this year.  Not only did he win the Instrumental section of the Intercolligiate Music Awards, and Excellences in Music Level 1, he is also a junior student.  This is the first time a major award has been given to a junior student.

Congratulations to all the award winners, and a huge thanks to the Arts Department at Kuranui College, Roger Thompson (Art), Trish Webster (Music), Kirsten Price (Art), Gina Beecroft (Art), Annabel Heenan (Drama), Catherine de Croy (Dance), as well as the wonderful people who step up to make sure our awards evenings always run smoothly, Mary Phillips (Arts Co-ordinator) and Hilary Reeve (French).

Thanks and congratulations, from me, I am privileged and honoured to work with such a great department.

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