Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stage Challenge 2012

We are underway for 2012! 

This year our very talented choreographers are Kieran Tankersley and Ariane Gleeson.  The two have very different styles of dance, but the ideas and the dance are starting to gel together nicely.  Ariane is the master of hip-hop, while Kieran is more of a contemporary dancer. 

Both girls have been running auditions, and getting their choreography ready for the full rehearsals once the chorus has been set.  They have charged Oliver with the task of set construction after his masterful work with the set for 2011.  Danica and Travis have also been taking the lead, helping out with rehearsals and auditions.

The force will be out at the Martinborough Fair in March, fundraising for the cause, as they have a 0 budget to start with, and have to raise the money to get the cast and crew to Wellington, all the costumes and set, and to cover all the other production expenses.

Ariane (in the front) teaching one section for the auditions in the Dance Studio

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