Sunday, April 29, 2012

Where are they now?

After nearly 3 years in the Arts Department at Kuranui, it has dawned on me that the place is magical.  Stressful, exhausting, thrilling, tedious, annoying, exciting, amazing and talentful.  I'm not even sure if the last one is even a word.... okay, so I KNOW it is not a word.

Anyway, the Arts are really demanding subjects.  As I have been reminding my Senior Drama classes, in English you study a book, in Drama you study it, memorise the whole thing, perform it in front of an audience, and everyone knows how much work you put in instantly.  Pouring your heart and soul into something and then hearing constructive criticism is hard, for anyone, any age.  Yet, our Arts students put themselves through the rigor and pain involved, all while hearing from other students that the Arts are chill-out subjects.

We have had some very talented students passing through our metaphorical halls.  Some have gone on to careers in the Arts, and some have chosen another path.  On a random 'as-and-when-I-feel-like-it-basis' we will be throwing in a 'Where are they now?' post, because we are very proud of our students, ex and current.  It takes a great deal of guts to do what we do, and we love to see how our students run with it after they leave.

So, watch this space.... intently ;)

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