Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stage Challenge 2012: Pure as Snow

Well, another Stage Challenge came to a close, well.... other than our thank-you performance next week.  It is always such a busy time around the Performing Arts Suite, so taking a break to blog is a challenge.  Between costumes, make-up and all the forms, we never thought we would get it finished.  But we did.

And I was really proud of the students. 

Kieran Tankersley and Ariane Gleeson ran the show this year, coming up with the concept, choreography, rehearsals, soundtrack, forms, fundraising, you name it, they did it!  Crazy busy.  It has been so good for both girls, not for the credits, but for all the organisational and management skills they have learned along the way.

Along with Travis Brown who helped with choreography and rehearsals, if it was on stage, these 3 had a major hand in it.  Oliver Healy deserves a shout out for his castle and getting the set there.  Cole Garratt and Jasmine Turner were stellar with lighting and backstage work.  Danica Kawana and Alena-Rose Burt were invaluable in rehearsal as well.  The committee worked so hard to get the show on the road.

On the night we took out 4 awards, for Stage Use, Visual Enhancement, Creative Thinking and Storyboard, so we were pleased with the haul.

Our congratulations goes out to Makoura College for their routine about the Christchurch Earthquake and to the overall winners, Wairarapa College for their piece about Antarctica.  It was a proud night to be from the Wairarapa.

Ariane Gleeson as Snow White

Kieran Tankersley as the Evil Queen
Travis and Setty attack Ariane in Rehearsal
Ariane and Travis in Rehearsal

Those under the Queen's Control

The Finale

The final moment

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