Saturday, September 15, 2012

"High School Magical"

I know... another post beginning with how busy we have been!  But... it is so true!

Anyway, in the middle of all the rest of everything else that is going on.... we have one last night on stage with "High School Magical" and we are getting rave reviews from the crowd!

The show starts at 7:00pm in the auditorium, doors open at 6:30 and there is even a coffee cart and eftpos! 

The show stars Zoe Renor as Cinderella, and Civic Cruz as Harry Prince.  As they try to negotiate through High School, magical forces keep them apart.  The Villian is played by Marlon Moala-Knox who is intent on stopping Cinderella from getting together with Harry.  Camille Healy is the Fairy Godmother who works to keep them together.

The main characters are supported by a bevy of interesting characters, from the flirtacious Step Mother (Gianna Pohl) and her pool boy Reynaldo (Mitchell Harman), to the ugly step sisters, the popular Britney (Sarah Philip), the nerdy Gertrude (Izabelle Brown) and the vampire Bella (Alessandra Giorgioni). 

Some of the more interesting characters enrolled in High School Magical include the less-than-brilliant Bruce the Jock (Finn Shepherd), the moves-like-Jagger Smooth Stu (Travis Brown), the beautiful soulful voice of Skux Simon (Oliver Healy), the hog-tying antics of Cowboy Chet (Dan Carlisle) and of course, a vegetarian zombie (Nick Smith).  While trying to fit in with the Cool Chicks (Kate Philip, Natalia Austin, Moana Braithwaite and Giorgia Giorgioni), Cinderella ends up as the butt of all the jokes in school.

The show is hilarious if I do say so myself.  If the antics aren't enough, the Pantomime horse (Joel Charters and Joe Garratt) and the 4 cupids help to take the humour to a whole new level.

If you are free, and have $5 burning in your pocket, come along for an amazing night of music, laughter, entertainment and short-shorts.
The poster, designed by Civic Cruz

Finn Shepherd, Travis Brown and Oliver Healy

The Cool Chicks: Kate Philip, Natalia Austin, Moana Braithwaite and Giorgia Giorgioni

The Step Sisters: Sarah Philip, Izabelle Brown, Alessandra Giorgioni

Sugarlumps and Bruce: Joel Charters and Finn Shepherd

A couple of Cupids: Oliver Healy and Mitchell Harman

Marlon Moala-Knox and Camille Healy

Finn as Bruce with Civic Cruz as Harry Prince

Walter Barber recites for the Nerds

Bruce gets a prom date - Sarah Philip and Finn Shepherd

Oliver Healy singing... afterall, he is in the band with No Direction

Gianna Pohl waits for her Pool Boy, Reynaldo

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