Sunday, January 24, 2010

Greytown Arts Festival

As you well know, the Ukulele Orchestra played at the Greytown Arts Festival.  The weather was appaulling, but the crowds still came to listen to the groovy tunes.  We had an awesome turnout, and a crowd ready to sing along.

We even had an encore!  That is truly hitting the big leagues.

Shortly I will post a couple of the songs we played on Youtube and link them to here.  In the mean time, think about this..... maybe you too could join the KC Uke Orch?  Ukuleles start at about $30, which makes them fantastic value as an instrument.  They are also rated as one of the easiest instruments to play.  Our orchestra has all kinds of people with levels of interest and talent, from those lacking both, to having both in screeds.  As well as learning an instrument, it is a great way of getting to know some awesome people.  We had the chance to hang out backstage with the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra- and it was AMAZING--- we too shall be that cool eventually.

So, school is back next week.  Seniors, re-enrole on Friday.  And do this ESPECIALLY if you are an Arts student.  A number of senior Arts subjects are timetabled at the same time, so you will need to check up on your timetable and sweet-talk your teachers if there is a clash.

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