Monday, January 25, 2010

Subject Selection 2010

Well, Friday is re-enrolement for senior students.  Bring in your NCEA results and confirm your course selection (or change it if need be).  Year 11's should attend too, as you may have forgotten which classes you chose, or wish to change.

For the Arts, you should be aware of the requirements to take each subject.

Year 11:
  1. Drama - Have taken either Yr 9 or 10 Drama
  2. Music - Must be able to play an instrument, reading music is recommended
  3. Dance - Must have taken Yr 10 Dance
  4. Art - Should have taken Yr 9 or 10 Art
  5. Te Reo - Must have completed Yr 10 Te Reo, can be used as literacy credits for NCEA
In Year 12, things get more complex.
  1. Drama - Should have 12 L1 Drama credits (or approval of JM)
  2. Music - Should have gained 12 L1 Music credits (or approval of WT)
  3. Dance - Should have gained 12 L1 Dance credits (or approval of PJ
  4. Art - Should have 12 L1 Art credits.... you can take Art or Photography
  5. Te Reo - Should have 12 L1 Te Reo credits
Year 12 and 13 are much harder than Year 11 courses.  You should be fairly proficient to contemplate studying at each level above L1.  Committment beyond school hours is compulsory for performances.  You will also have to work by yourself and with groups for assessment.

Music, Drama, Dance and Te Reo Maori all have external assessments at the end of the year.  To complete the exam for Dance and Drama you have to have seen a live performance and to have studying a genre of performance.

This is the last year that Unit Standards can be used for assessment.  

In Year 13 Visual Art breaks up into components.  You can take Photography (though you should have completed the L2 course), Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking and Design Art.  A number of Design Art students have taken Graphics prior to opting into Design Art.

All of the performing Arts require that you PERFORM in front of an audience.  In Te Reo, you should expect to have to speak publically in Te Reo Maori.  For all of these courses, expect to be video taped and to watch said tape for analysis.

If you have any queries, talk to the teacher in charge of each subject, or consult the subect selection guidebook that Mr Hall gave out.  You can take more than one Art subject each year, and many go well together.  Come in on Friday and see me if you have any issues.

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