Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011.... it's here!

With 2011 fast heading into its second month, it is certainly time to get sorted for the academic year.

School starts back on February 1st for seniors and the 2nd for juniors.  Make sure you have a book and a pen on the first day as it will be straight into instruction on day one.  Make the most of the stationery store back-to-school sales and stock up now for school.  200 page lined refill will never get cheaper than right now, less than $2 a pad.  Buy a few and keep them in your room for study, or for when you run out as the year goes on.

You all need to have a range of pens for the year, and you know how I am about stationery.  Have a blue or a black pen for your notes.  Red, pink, green or purple pens make great assets to underline or draw attention to specific points in your notes.  Coloured pencils jazz up your bookwork and make it easier to show things you have in mind, like costume ideas or lighting plans.  Highlighters are essential for NCEA students as you have a lot of information to digest for each assessment.

However, as Arts students there are plenty of things you need.  Visual artists are going to need sketching pencils with a soft lead and a good eraser.  You will also need sketch pads.  Specialist Visual Art subjects as Photography, Print making, Sculpture and Design will need different supplies.  Ask Mr Thompson or Ms Price what you should get.

Dancers will need shimmer tights and dance shoes.  You will also need a change of clothing for Dance.  Music students are going to need blank CD's, manuscript books and instrument specific supplies, such as violin rosin and guitar picks.  Drama students need plain black stretchy clothing for assessments, as well as a change of clothes for class, and highlighters.  Check with your teachers what you need for the year, but make sure you have the basics for the first day back.

The uniform shop on campus will have extra opening hours before school gets back.  Check out the school website for more information.  Try on your uniform and check that it is in good repair and still fits.  Now is certainly the time to get yourself ready for day 1.

2011 looks to be an absolute stunner!  Let's get prepared to make the most of it.

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