Tuesday, February 15, 2011

School is rolling along....

Phew!  It is Week 3 already!  Crazy...

We are underway with the year, and things are progressing nicely.

Stage Challenge

The Year 13 girls are working on Stage Challenge at the moment.  They have a terrific concept, and will be choreographing the dance sequences to their chosen music at the moment.  They are currently taking names for people wanting to be in the chorus as dancers.  Later they will be asking for backstage and lighting crew.


We are working on our 15 minute Othello scene, and will be calling for extras shortly.  The competition is in April, and we will be performing in March at Kuranui.  The Senior Drama students are all competing to represent Kuranui at the Regional competition, so Shakespeare is the main focus in Drama at the moment.

Circus Troupe

We are also off on our camp at the National Juggling Championships on Thursday.  We will be heading out to Fairfield Primary School and teaching a workshop there as well.  On Saturday, we are running a public workshop teaching beginner juggling skills.  It should be fantastic.  Watch this space for updates.


The Senior Rockquest boys are seeking a vocalist for their band.  See Dom, Jack, James or Tom for details.  Ms Webster has also be auditioning for a junior band.  She hopes to put a Jazz band together this year as well.

Glee Club

We had over 35 people audition for Glee last week, and the first rehearsal is today at lunch.  They look to be amazing.  We have some very talented students in the school.  It is not too late to sign up for Glee..... in fact, over 50 showed up for the first rehearsal today!


The Visual Art students are working hard to complete the murals for the Turf area, which should be set up in the coming week.

There will be a lot more coming up, so keep an eye on the school notices or in Korero for details.... or on this blog of course.

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