Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mascotting with Pride

Well, in another busy week of rehearsals, we managed to slip in something a little different.

A group of students, under 170cm tall, traveled to Masterton to be the Ruggerbeez, a crew from Small Blacks TV, on the Rugby Trophy Tour of New Zealand, in preparation for the World Cup in September.  The task was fun, but tiring.  In the 4 hours, we were buffeted by wind, rain and insane heat.  To add to the challenge, the costumes were thousands of dollars each, so we had to be careful, and were incredibly hot inside.  When adding the challenge of 10 year old boys who wanted to tackle the mascots, it became a real challenge.

However, the crew kept their cool, remained in character, held babies, posed for photographs, and even managed some fantastic kicking, rivaling Dan Carter himself.

Thanks to Lexie Fleming  and Oliver Healy for helping to mind and dress the mascots, and to the mascots themselves, Nicholas Smith, Zoe Renor, Olivia Wilson, Dylan Johnson, and Hope Sexton.

Meeting and Greeting

The Crew, Mascots, Alternates and Minders


Juniors Olivia Wilson, Dylan Johnson and Hope Sexton with Zoe Renor (in Costume)

Zoe with the Bledisloe Cup

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  1. A big thank you! You guys did a terrific job! The best Ruggerbeez so far! Mrs R.