Saturday, February 26, 2011

And the Juggling takes over....

Following the Juggling Convention, which was a terrific experience.... borderline life-changing for the crew who attended, the Junior College has begun to learn their own juggling skills.

Year 9 Drama had their first lesson last week on balancing, and on spinning plates.  On Friday, they began to juggle.  While the task is hard at first, they totally rocked it.  By the end of the hour, most of the class had completed at least 3 throws and catches.  Well done!

At this rate, we will be ready to really rock out the Juggling Convention in 2012.

Dylan, totally keeping his cool during the process

Harder than Miri and Brad initially thought it would be

Hirini's unique style with scarves

Toyah focussing on 3 scarves

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