Thursday, March 18, 2010

Artificial Sun

We have a rock band.  A funk rock band.  A psychedelic funk rock band.  No one can top the rock band.

The band was formed last year, and after a change of vocalist, have hit their stride and are a thing of beauty.  'Artificial Sun' made their debut in their current form at the end of last year at the Dance assessment show, and have performed numerous gigs since then.

Meet the band:
Barney Johnson:  Drummer.  Year 13.  Barn is the master of beats and dreads on drums.  Noted as Cultural leader, actor, musician and all around guru of cool.  Has been seen in a dress on drums, and often leads the half-naked installments.

Louis Gray:  Vocals.  Year 13.  Louis is an all-around winner, and speedster on the track.  Worthy leader of Aorangi, and exceptional performance skills in Music and Drama.  Last seen half-naked in the 'MacBeth' photo shoot.

Tom Simpson: Bass.  Year 12.  Genius underneath, but dreads on top, Tom is a young Mick Jagger in training (according to his music teacher).  He made the bass cool again with his masterful playing with their breakout hit, "House of Funk".

Jack Giles:  Guitar.  Year 12.  Once famous in the Jack Giles Groove, now strumming to a different beat, and aptly professor of the wah pedal.  Jack oozes cool.... but lost his dreads in a recent mathematics related disaster (or so the rumour has it).

"Artificial Sun" are mad keen rockers and wonderfully awesome people.  They have been working with Whitireia Polytechnic on an Extreme Songwriting course, and doing great.  Below are images of songwriting and performance in practice.  If you are near the rock room, check them out.

Louis working on lyrics and Jack working on his confused look.

Thinking of a rhyme for 'down', Tom, Barn and Louis.

Blasting out the premier of the new unnamed song, and sounding mighty fine!

Become an official fan on Facebook, run by their loyal manager Richard Tannant:

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