Monday, March 1, 2010

Echoa Performance Review

The French Dance company with their performance of Echoa was today at school- and was totally amazing!  Exploring sound and movement, their idea was simple, and elegantly put together.  With percussion instruments and dance, they told stories, entertained and were just hysterical.

If you are sitting at home wondering what to do tonight, GO TO ECHOA.  They perform tonight at the school auditorium, and the ticket price has been dropped to $25- well and truly worth the price.  After the show they are unpacking and heading to Te Papa for the rest of the festival season, and it will be a mammoth undertaking to move the large scale set.  (Starts at 7pm, so RUN)

Go..... you will not regret it.

Thanks to Gary, Jo, Wai, Zemira, Barn and Louis for all their hard work today, as well as Carly and the festival crew who put together an amazing performance.  Thanks so much for choosing to perform at Kuranui!

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