Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Year 9 Movie

With only a handful of scenes left to record, the Year 9 Drama class is well into their movie making unit.

We decided for the "Education for Enterprise" topic that we would make a movie for the School Reunion, showing past students how we see the school.  It started as a serious epic flick, and rapidly became a roll-in-the-aisles romp!  Between the enthusiasm from the Year 9 students themselves, and the help of Christina Hyde, we managed to get the raw footage (mostly).

Now all that remains is a few scenes recorded tomorrow, and editing the movie......... GASP!  Hopefully we will have something to see by Friday and a finished epic on Monday............. Hopefully.  Here are a couple of shots from our group scenes:

In the Library...... totally acting like readers.

In the Student Centre, creating a scene.

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