Sunday, February 20, 2011

Juggling Convention Quick Update

Well, after 4 hectic days of being mad and crazy, we are totally back!

The weather was WONDERFUL, we could not have asked for more.  Heading to Levin on Thursday, we arrived at 11:00am and set up the tents.  It was as much a comic routine as any other activity we did.

We also headed out to Fairfield School, and ran a Circus workshop, which was wonderful.  Jasmine and Oliver were huge hits, as was Dan (who scared the teachers with knives).  Our students all performed in the Renegade show, which showcases the performers in the Convention.  We heard Ukulele songs, Jasmines scarf routine, and Dan's knives.... later seen on TV1.

We even had the chance to Stage Manage the professional show, which was such a learning curve, but a great experience.  In the Fire Show, Anthony Faafoi demonstrated his skill with the flaming staff, similar to Samoan fire dance, impressing a lot of people.

In the Olympics, we took out 2 trophies.  Dan and Ryan (from the USA) won the 3 legged juggling race, and Anthony was the wheelbarrow in the winning trio in the Juggling Wheelbarrow race.

We will link some of the ol' links of the weekend as we find them, and as the thousands of photographs appear around the internet.

Dan Carlisle being filmed for One News

Jasmine's Scarf Routine in the Renegade Show

The Toss

Anthony in the Fire Show

In related news, Juanita McLellan has become a member of the New Zealand Juggling Association Committee, and will be helping to organise the 2012 Convention.

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