Friday, October 29, 2010

Cultural Awards Winners 2010

Waimarama and Barney did a fantastic job hosting the Cultural Awards last night.  They kept the audience entertained, and caused more than a few tears with their special awards. 

The whole event took AGES to set up.  Salvatore and Daniel Cameron worked hard setting up the auditorium, Christina alphabetised and checked the certificates, Mary and Ms. Thomson sorted out the supper, and Joshy set up the lighting and sound systems, and the band boys set up the muso section.  The afternoon was filled with costumes being re-set, make-up going on, and the glittery gowns coming out.

The evening started with Wai and Barney giving their welcoming speeches and review of the year.  Then the Yr 9 dancers showed their stuff with their "Evolution of Dance" routine.  Dan Carlisle showed his talent with a cirque routine including juggling knives.  "The Collision" performed "Another Brick in the Wall" and Zoe Renor sang "Memory" from Cats.  The Senior Dancers did their "Fame" routine, Katie and Wai pulled out the 5 minute scene from "Romeo and Juliet" and Finn, Adam and Aaron renewed their scene from "The Wizard of Oz".  Thomas Uatuku performed "Nothing else matters" on guitar, wowing the crowd again with his talent.  The theatresports boys did a fantastic rendition of Louis Gray, performing "Survivor", thanks to Darren, Arjun, Daniel and Dominic.  The final act of the night was "Artificial Sun" performing "Sunrise" and "Comedown" - brilliant talent shown by Jack, Tom, Barney and Louis.

We were thrilled to have so many Blue award winners this year, especially from those students who gained Blues in 2 areas.  We have such a great year to look forward to in 2011, given the talent in the junior school, as well as our top performers.

The big awards were a shock to the winners (but not to their fans) and were as follows:
  • Greatest contribution to Dance - Zemira Hayvice
  • Greatest contribution to Visual Arts - Samuel Pepper
  • Greatest contribution to Music - Barney Johnson
  • Greatest contribution to Drama - Waimarama Phillips
 Congratulations to all the evenings winners, and know that the school is incredibly proud of you all.  It was wonderful to see the diversity of talent in the school, and it was a wonderful position to be in to have so many great acts perform.

Sam Pepper - Visual Arts

Waimarama Phillips - Drama

Zemira Hayvice - Dance

Barney Johnson - Music

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