Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

Well, in 7 days, IT'S ALL OVER!

After a whole year of planning to get the scripts in, 2 terms of preparation, auditions, rehearsals and holidays given up for practises, the performance is finally here!  (well.... almost...)

We are performing in the College Auditorium this week....

Monday 11 October - Dress Rehearsals
Tuesday 12 October - Matinee performance at 11:00am
Wednesday 13 October - Matinee performance at 11:00am

Thursday 14 October - Opening night - starting at 7:30pm
Friday 14 October - Dress in theme if you are keen - starting at 7:30pm
Saturday 15 October - Final Performance starting at the slightly earlier time of 7:00pm

Tickets can be purchased from the office, or as door sales from 6:00pm for the evening shows.  Prices are $5 per ticket, or $20 for a family pass.

Here are some images from dress rehearsals to give you an idea of the show.......

Alena as Dorothy is threatened by Kendall, the Wicked Witch of the West

Zemira, the choreographer, teaches dance moves in the Emerald City
Finn and Aaron, Munchkin Farmers, talk about the Scarecrow

Dorothy meets Dom, the Tinman

Arjun, the Cowardly Lion, hides in his forest

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