Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

Well, with our Matinee performances officially over, and today's was COMPLETELY packed!  We did not have a spare seat in the whole hall!  It was an amazing crowd of children, pre-schoolers and folks from Palliser and Abour House. 

The cast were nothing less than amazing and astounding.  It has been a long long long road from where we were, to where we are now, and I am so proud of everyone. 

Some people do need a special mention.....

Adam Lesslie has been at every rehearsal- even the ones that don't involve his scene.  He learnt all his lines, has not complained about his costume (and he has many reasons he could complain about it!), but this is not why he needs mentioning.  Adam routinely vacuums the drama room, puts other people's costumes away, fills water jugs, minds small children, does heavy lifting and mopping and sweeping, without being asked or without complaining.  He has been a total star.

Civic Cruz has been in the same ilk.  He has been brilliant on stage, singing, dancing, miming... wearing make-up..... and always helpful.  He always picks up a paintbrush and helps the set crew, empties rubbish bins, puts things away, helps people to their seats and is polite and charming in same light.

Christina Hyde has only JUST returned from Switzerland.... before her jet-lag was over, she had a script and created a stage management plan, and worked wonders with the terrific stage crew (Sophie Adams, Steph Wright and Sam Hayes).... and no one has missed a cue, or had the wrong staging or anything.  Stage management is never easy, but Christina has totally blown us all away with her willingness and experience in getting things sorted.

Dan Carlisle, Rowan Pemberton, Sarah Hall, all need mentioning for their extra work in the ushing of people and checking they are all ok.

The Yr 11 Dance class have also stepped up, committing to the whole production, even though they are only on stage for a total of 59 seconds!  That is total committment.  So thank you Aleisha Bain, Danica Kawana, Jess Hollis, Ariane Gleeson, Ivy Skelton and Kristina Curtice.  I admire the way you have just taken the challenge and rolled with it brilliantly.

Josh Hoskins, Oliver Healy and Jordan Mackie have all been at school since 7:00am for over a week now getting the set, lighting and sound under control.  They have worked tirelessly to finish tasks, design and build, and to give up their own time to do it.  The show would be impossible without such people.

So, the show is on in the next 3 nights.  Tickets are $5.... be there.  Here are some images from performance so far.

Waimarama and Ilse as the Good Witches.... slightly ditzy but good hearted

Arjun, Alena-Rose and Dom get into character

The Scarecrow, Tinman, and Dorothy meet the Lion
Tilly, who is playing Toto.

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