Thursday, November 18, 2010

Booked for 2011 - Mana: The Spirit of Polynesia

2011 is already shaping up to be a big year in the Arts department.  Booked today, we have a show coming to Kuranui on Thursday July 14.  Basically the show is going to be a totally awesome story combining dance and drama, outlining the journey of identity.  Year 13 students should be thinking.... hmmmm..... that sounds like something we may do in class this coming year......

Either way, all Dancers, Actors, Te Reo Students and anyone else who is mad keen for it, can go and see it.  I'm already keen as.  The price will be $5 each, and the show will be an hour, followed by some question time.  Expect to miss 1 and 1/2 class periods.

Talking to Aurora today on the phone was great, and the show sounds totally amazing!

Here is what the website has to say about it. 

"Travelling through Polynesian cultures including Native American Indian, New Zealand Maori, Hawaiian and Samoan, Bernard discovers with each the idea of family, challenges and pride.

Mana The Spirit of Polynesia embodies dance, music, multicultural themes, history, geography, the importance of learning about heritage and the power of self belief and respect.

MANA is the inner strength and confidence that comes from a sense of identity. Bernard Mangakahia inspires everyone to discover their own MANA.

Bernard is very popular as an Artist in Residence, where he can come to your school for a few days or a week and work with the students towards a concert of amazing dances and songs."

Pop over and have a wee looksie for yourself:
Nexus Arts Australia

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