Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cultural Leaders 2011

With the new year fast approaching, we had the privilege of interviewing 6 brilliant candidates for the position of Cultural Leaders 2011.

As announced at the Senior Graduation and Prizegiving, the Cultural Leaders for 2011 are Katie James and Charlotte Taylor.

Katie is a dancer with many years experience in Stage Challenge and Dance NZ Made.  In 2010, she also took part in Drama, performing in "Romeo and Juliet", "MacBeth", "The Wizard of Oz" and the theatresports competition.  Katie was selected to represent the region at the National Shakespeare Festival in Wellington.

Charlotte is also a dancer, picking up excellence awards left, right and centre.  She has been a strong supporter of Stage Challenge and Dance NZ made since its inception.  She is also an artist, more recently focussing on Photography. 

Both girls will no doubt do an amazing job next year, and it is wonderful to have leaders with multiple strings to their bow.

Charlotte and Katie

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