Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clowning 2010

As has become the custom, the first day the seniors have study leave off, the Drama students are back in class working on their Clowning routines.

Seeing as the whole assessment for Clowning is massive on a time scale- getting costumes and make up on a class full of clowns is tough, it makes sense to use a whole day for the assessment, performance, and traditional "fish 'n' chip" lunch.

So we gathered, rehearsed, dressed, made-up, and got down to Greytown Primary School, ate, and then performed.  Charlotte and Katie came down and hosted the event for us.

The clowns were amazing.

We have to thank Daniel Cameron and Adam Lesslie for coming down and joining us again, Mr Buckham for minding my junior classes, Mr Ryan for driving the van, and Ms. Beecroft and Mr. Thompson for building the magic box. 

This was by far our best clown performance yet, and the little kiddies went wild for it.

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