Friday, November 19, 2010

NZ Juggling Convention and Championships 2011

Well, it is official.

We are going!


Personally, I am excited.

The National Juggling Champs and Convention in 2011 is being held in Levin.  The event goes from February 17-20.  We are going along to be involved in performing, learning, teaching and watching.  This is going to be EPIC!  On the Thursday we will teach small children, on the Saturday we will teach the rank amateurs coming along to the event.  We will be taking part in workshops, showcases and in general helping out around the venue.

We will be camping at the Levin A&P Showgrounds.

So a couple of things people- you will need tents.  And, we are only taking about 20 people.  Seniors are the first choice because they can already juggle, diabolo, spin plates and hoop.  This is a public venue, with other people camping as well, so perfect behaviour is expected.

The whole 4 days should be amazing.  This is a major opportunity for us to showcase our skills, as well as helping out the NZ Juggling Association.  This will be our Kuranui in the Community project.

There will be a cost attached to the camp, so start putting your pennies away.  And there will be a contract.  And there will be heaping helpings of fun. 

Follow the convention on Facebook for more details over the holidays.

NZ Juggling Convention 2011

And if you want your own juggling supplies, head over to Fling Juggling, supporter of us and the convention.  Their gear is really good quality, and they are always happy to lend a hand.

Fling Juggling Website

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