Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another busy week in the Arts Department

Phew!  Sometimes it feels like we are the Physical Education department with all the running around we do.... It has been a long and busy and productive week at Kuranui College.

Visual Art and Photography students are hard at work on their portfolios.  Some of the Art students are involved in building the set for the production, which has been taking place in the Art room and in the Auditorium.

Drama students are furiously finishing assessments and learning lines for the production next term.  With 3 rehearsals a week, it is a tough ask for anyone, but the show is looking good at this point.  The regional champion Theatresports boys (with a hand from Arjun) performed in assembly to their largest crowd yet, getting laughs from all sides again.  Thanks Dom, Louis and Barns for that.  Then on Friday, Dorothy's house on wheels arrived in it's full glory in the Auditorium.

Dance students have had a tough ask as well, with the Dance NZ Made competition on Wednesday, followed by the Dance Showcase on Thursday night.  Talk about busy times!  I take my hat off to Ms Pratt who was spectacular and kept the girls all focussed and looking fantastic for 2 shows in a row. 

Year 11 Music students had their assessment performance on Thursday evening in the Music room.  Congratulations to Finn Harmon who received an excellence for his performance.  "Artificial Sun" performed in the assembly on Thursday as well, doing a great job with 2 of their original songs.

"Artificial Sun" performing in Assembly

But busy is the theme of the Arts department, and we are keeping on keeping on.... :D

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