Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Arts and Politics

Well, with the BOT Student Rep nominations and elections beginning tomorrow, the Arts are well supported by our 3 nominees.

Zoe Renor is Year 11- and takes Music, Dance and Drama.  She has a role in the production, plays ukulele, sings, dances, and is off to Dance NZ Made tomorrow.

Emily Jamieson is a Year 10 taking senior classes.  She also plays the violin, guitar and piano.  Last year she was Cleopatra in the Shakespearean production.

Aodhan Stonnell is a Year 9 student, and a strong Drama enthusiast.  He directed Louis and Barney in "MacBeth" earlier this year, and has a key role in this year's production.

All 3 are responsible, intelligent and darn great people.  No matter who wins, we will be proud.
Mr Shepherd, Mr Hall, Emily, Aodhan and Zoe preparing to deliver their speeches.
Dance NZ Made is tomorrow, and all going well, Ms Pratt and her talented dancers, along with parent helpers and myself, will be travelling in the wee small hours up to Palmerston North to enjoy the workshops, the city, and the competition.  Good luck to all the dancers!  And watch this space for results.

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