Thursday, September 23, 2010

Exams and all that jazz

Well, with Art students creating portfolios, it is a timely reminder of the serious side of the Arts.  This week has been all about the academic side of the Performing Arts.

Miss Pratt revises with the Year 11 Dance class
Drama students sitting their Level 2 examination
The Performing Arts have a great deal of academic content, and exams are an integral part of the course.  It is not necessarily something people think of when they choose their subjects.

We have also been getting ready for the production in a BIG way.  Mr Thompsons set looks amazing.  It will be awesome to see Dorothy's house rolling around in the cyclone.... and the spooky trees.... and things on wheels.  Great fun. 

I am lucky to have a terrifically talented sister who has taken on the challenge of the costumes for the Lion and the Tinman this week.  Juggling 2 small children and 2 large costumes has been tough, but she has done a great job.  Thanks Katrina, you rock.

Arjun gets measured for his costume on Monday afternoon
Arjuns completed Lion outfit on Tuesday evening!

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