Friday, September 24, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

Well, with the major production just over 2 weeks from performing, this blog will take on a slightly Ozzian theme as we keep you up to date with progress.

The sets and costumes are well into construction, and looking fantastic.  We are now just tweaking things to be performance ready.

The performances will be as follows:
Monday 11 October- Dress rehearsals all day
Tuesday 12 October - Matinee performance at 11:00am
Wednesday 13 October - Matinee performance at 11:00am

Thursday 14th October - Opening night at 7:30pm
Friday 15th October - Costume night at 7:30pm
Saturday 16th October - Final performance at 7:00pm

Doors will open at 6:00pm, and seating from 6:30pm on performance nights.

Cast, crew and their families are invited to join us for a light supper after the final nights performance in the staff room.

We are going to encourage audience members to dress in theme for the Friday night if they are so inclined, and offer prizes for the most intriguing outfits.  We would love to see the crowd singing along, dressed as lions or Dorothies or flying monkeys or Munchkins. 

The cost of the show is $5 per performance, or a $20 family pass.  (A family being, well, any number of family members over 4 people really, as a cost effective way of having a great night out).

We would love to see as many people  come to the shows as possible, as the show will be a total laugh fest, sing-along fantastical and all round great night out.  Tickets can be purchased from the college office or are available as door sales.

Arjun trying on his Lion costume for the first fitting
Louis as the Wizard in rehearsal

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