Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dance NZ Made

Last year we entered "Dance NZ Made" - a competition for Dance schools to show off their skills and abilities to an audience.  This year they created a whole school competition for Dance NZ Made.  We entered with a whole stack of other schools from around the North Island, from Hutt Valley High, to Karamu High, to Palmerston North Girls High, to little tiny primary school kids, to really stunning dancers from Taupo.  It was a terrific bunch of people, and a lot of talent in the room.

The day began early, heading out from Kuranui at 6:00am.  Miss Pratt had already loaded make-up, costumes and props into the cars and bus, and the dancers prepared to nap their way to Palmy.  On arrival, and a bit of BK, we headed into the Regent Theatre to watch the rehearsals and participate in workshops on different dance styles.  Hip Hop was popular, as was Contemporary Dance and Stylised Dance.

When our rehearsal rolled around, we had watched so many talented dancers and cheerleaders on stage, it was nerve racking.  However, the kids held their own, and eliciting cheers from the crowd.  Our boys were a total smash hit, with their exceptional dancing and clever musical arrangement and comic moments.

When the competition was about to begin, we were surrounded by a fog of hairspray and bobby pins.  Miss Pratt was in full diamante mode, applying make-up and fixing hair non-stop all night.  I was put on French braiding and bun holders.  The girls were fantastic at getting themselves ready, helping others, swapping shoes and tights, and remaining positive.

The dancing went so well.  On the stage the kids just brought their moves alive.  They were infectious in their enthusiasm and compelling to watch.  While the boys brought the house down with their routine, it was the Open Grade girls' team that brought home a 3rd place for their James Bond 007 routine.  All in all, it was a long 18 hour day, but well worth it, and totally a positive experience for everyone involved.  Thanks so much to Mrs Bain and to Mrs Curtice who assisted the whole day, and especially to Miss Pratt who put in so much effort to choreographing, costuming and teaching the whole squad.

Miss Pratt helping with Lydia's lift for 007
Rehearsing the final sequence of the James Bond number
Aleisha Bain in the final moments of the Fame routine
Jasmine putting on her make-up backstage
Alena-Rose helping Cheryl-Kay with her hair

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