Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Business as usual.... and some exams

With a strike day today, there has not been a better time for students to get into their revision.  School will still be open for students, and the library and a skeleton teaching crew will be in place.  If you need a quiet place to think and revise, head in to school.  Drama, Dance and Music students will all have an exam.

Other than that, it is business as usual.  The dancers are in reflection and evaluation mode after working so hard on their performances last week.  Music students are gearing up for their last performance assessment opportunity of the term next week.  Art and Photography students are working on portfolios.  And in Drama.... well..... here are some images from this week so far:

Wai, Zemira and Katie in their devised Drama
Lydia, Civic, Carline and Annalise investigate puppetry
Phoenix and Aaron work on their stage combat fight routine

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